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Audit and Assurance Services

Auditing is an essential tool for organisations to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their
financial and operational information. At W.A. Kareem & Co, we understand that our clients
want more from their audit experience. That’s why we go beyond the standard statutory audit to
offer specialised evaluations tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Specialised Audits Tailored to Your Needs

Management Audit

A comprehensive evaluation of a company’s management processes, aimed at identifying areas for improvement and providing recommendations for better efficiency.

Internal Audit

An assessment of a company’s internal control system and risk management processes, with a focus on identifying potential fraud and other control weaknesses.

Forensic Audit

An investigation into potential fraud, embezzlement, or other financial irregularities within an organisation.

Staff Audit

An evaluation of an organisation’s personnel, including the development and implementation of staff policies, job descriptions, and employee training programs.

At W.A. Kareem & Co, we are committed to providing our clients with a comprehensive and value-added audit experience. Whether it’s a statutory audit, management audit, internal audit, forensic audit, or staff audit, we have the expertise and experience to deliver the results you need. Contact us today to learn more about our audit services and how we can help your organisation achieve its goals.