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About Us

Welcome to W.A. Kareem & Co

A firm of professionals committed to providing top-notch Accounting and Allied services to clients across industries.

We understand the growth and expectations in the global economy and strive to create a system that can meet these demands through proper and accurate accounting. We draw on our robust understanding of the local business, legal and regulatory environment, combined with our ability to think outside the box, to provide tailored Accounting and Advisory solutions.

We are driven by values

At W.A. Kareem & Co, we are committed to delivering financial services that meet the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism. As a top accounting firm in Nigeria, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve financial success.

Our vision is to be a leading professional Accounting and Advisory Firm with in-depth expertise to provide unparalleled professional services which meets our clients needs, and ultimately help our clients grow and succeed.



– Veteran Chartered Accountant
– Sessioned Tax Lecturer
– Notable Tax Accountant
– Tax Barrister

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Head of Audit and Assurance services

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Principal manager/Chief Operating Officer

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a niche premium professional firm which will deliver an exceptional, timely and expert business solutions that benefit our clients.

Global Consumer Insights

At W.A. Kareem & Co, we believe that expertise for advisory services transcends international borders. Our goal is to remain a indigenous firm while establishing international affiliations and a global presence, to better serve our clients’ needs.

Professional Approach

Our team is composed of professionals who possess a passion for delivering business solutions that drive growth for our clients. We prioritise Accounting, Consulting, and Financial investigation, and our expertise covers auditing, tax management, manufacturing, and agro-allied areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does W.A Kareem & Co offer in Nigeria?

W.A Kareem & Co is a professional accounting firm in Nigeria that provides services such as tax planning and preparation, bookkeeping, auditing, business consulting, and financial management.

What makes W.A Kareem & Co stand out among other accounting firms in Nigeria?

W.A Kareem & Co has a team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about the Nigerian financial market and are equipped to provide clients with customised and high-quality financial services.

Can W.A Kareem & Co help with tax compliance in Nigeria?

Yes, W.A Kareem & Co provides tax services to help clients stay compliant with Nigerian tax laws and minimise their tax liability.

Does W.A Kareem & Co provide bookkeeping services in Nigeria?

Yes, W.A Kareem & Co offers bookkeeping services to help clients maintain accurate and organised financial records in Nigeria.

Can W.A Kareem & Co assist with auditing for small businesses in Nigeria?

Yes, W.A Kareem & Co provides auditing services for small businesses in Nigeria, including internal audits and financial statement audits.